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selling for a cause

Descended from a long line of Roether family resellers, with over twenty years of personal experience in sales and marketing, I founded an operation intended to do more than make profits from secondhand goods. Specializing in the vintage, antiques, and collectibles world I earn a living by retailing items acquired through a variety of secondhand marketplaces. If you are considering liquidating your inventory or collection, downsizing your estate, or exploring fundraising opportunities then contact me today for your  free consultation.

Justin Roether


Like what you see? Let me help you establish a presence online. Whether you are looking to establish a personal or a professional online site I can help. Contact me today for your free consultation!

Website Design Planning

Website design

Looking to establish a presence online? Let me help you position your business or your brand in a way that gets results.

Online marketing planning strategy


Let my experience and knowledge in online marketing benefit you! My background includes search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising management, and social media marketing.

Content creation services

Affiliate Marketing

The old adage that ‘content is king’ is as relevant today as it was the first time an online marketer mentioned the phrase. Let me help you identify, organize, and present the content that will get customers or clients to notice you.


The world is full of choices and sometimes all we need is an objective perspective. Let me offer you a listening ear and a Christian viewpoint on your situation. It is my belief that God has granted and called us to take authority over the following three areas in our lives.



Little else impacts your situation more than your attention. Let me help you put your attention on what matters most.



The second area of authority which I believe has been granted to us. Claim authority over your temple and your life. 



The third area of authority I believe we are granted is how and what we communicate to God and our fellow man. Let me help you ensure your communication aligns with your goals.